Food According to Joel ~ Grilled Smores!

So proud of my 10 year old Joel.  He loves food!  So we made this little video of a cooking lesson.
Check out how to make GRILLED SMORES!!


Hello 40! I am looking forward to you!

As I thrust the door to 40 open, I am compelled to write a personal vision statement for the next 40 years.

I will endeavor to make the next 40 years the most productive years of my life.  I will do that by resting more and working less.   I will trust God more and control life less.   I will not be so hard on myself or compare myself with others.  I will be quick to give and receive forgiveness.  I will forgive myself when I fall and get back up without punishing myself.  I will live ‘not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God.’ 

In the next 40 years I will empower my children and grandchildren to fulfill their destinies in the Kingdom of God.  I will teach them to love God and to love people, in that order.  I will teach them that sometimes they will lose friends, family, money and social standing to keep those two things in order.  I will teach them that the next life is the one that they should be living for and not this earthly one.  They will bring more than a ‘revival’ to their respective generations; they will bring about a ‘reformation’.  They will be tools in the hand of the Almighty to bring heaven to earth.

In the next 40 years I will press in toward my husband in body, mind, soul and spirit in an effort to be ONE with him.  I will do my best to not let our age define our relationship or our intimacy. 

In the next 40 years I will grow a business that will be a light to my community.  I will climb the ladder of wisdom and success.  And when the ladder I am climbing has a man-made glass ceiling – I will simply get a new ladder and continue to climb.

In the next 40 years I will use the gifts and tools that God has given me to set people free from their past.  I will labor to help men and women reach their full potential here on earth.  I will see people saved, healed and delivered. I will see families restored.  And I will see the loaves and the fishes multiply (and while we’re at it – some chocolate too!).  I will do the works that Jesus did and even greater works. (hmmm…maybe even raise the dead!)

In the next 40 years I will press in toward the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with ALL that I am. I want to know Christ--to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death and then experiencing the resurrection life that follows.  I will emulate my Savior and let the Father,who lives in me, do his work through me. I will stand when I see injustice.  I will speak when my Father says speak.  I will use my right to free speech to boldly speak the truth of God in love.  Even if that sometimes makes me hated, I will remember that the world hated Jesus first and He lived a perfect life.  I will not be afraid to stand for God’s truth even in the face of jail, financial loss, or a demotion in social stature.  I will use all of my resources, my time,treasure and talent to change the culture in which we live. I will declare beauty and freedom to this wonderful nation. 

And I WILL rest/work every day of the next 40 years to hear at the end of my life “Well done beautiful daughter – you didn’t waste a single drop of life.  Now let’s REALLY have some fun!”


Upcycling! (100 year old wrenches)

I love upcycling!  I love to take something that is bound for the trashcan and make a new use out of it.  On our tight budget it's also nice to upcycle things to give as gifts.  We always go to half price days at the Goodwill Stores and we try to visit our Habitat for Humanity Re-Store at least once a month to see if there are things we can re-purpose.  Last month we found these wrenches at the Re-Store.  The clerk said that an older man brought them in and donated them because he didn't know what to do with them.  They said they belonged to his father.  So we figure these wrenches are close to being 100 years old.  My husband decided to make a wind chime for his father for Christmas.

 I love how it turned out!!!

Here is a close up picture.  You can see he used copper wire to hang the wrenches from a ceiling fan part.  

It sounds awesome!