Pinterest Inspired Baby Shower Brunch

I love Pinterest!  If you haven't looked into it yet... it is a website that allows you to post your favorite ideas to "boards."  It's kind of like having a personalized magazine of all of your styles, ideas, recipes and dreams.  I wanted to hold a baby shower for my good friend Patsy who is having her second child who is going to be a girl.  I used Pinterest to post my shower ideas to and then visited the linked websites for directions for crafts, recipes and printables.


I loved the idea "Tickled Pink" for a shower.  I used Photoshop Elements to create this invitation.  I saved it as a .jpg and sent it to Walmart to print it out as a vibrant picture.  I was inspired from an invitation I found online. (Love getting invitations for 19 cents a print!)

I used a "fingerprint" tree as a guest sign in.  You can find instructions HERE.  Below is a picture of the finished tree.

This is the shower decor that I used.  I made these see through "balloons" (find the instructions HERE) and I used the flowering forsythia bush as my flowers for the table.
Here is the food table.  I used a pennant banner saying 
"It's a girl!"
This was my menu...
Lemon Scones
Sausage Balls
Granola and Vanilla Yogurt
Ham Roll Ups
Tickled Pink Cupcakes
Egg Casserole
Ticked Pink Punch

Here is the guest favor I made.  I used paint chips and turned them into a note pad.  Everyone loved it!  And since I used scrap paper from scrapbooking and leftover coils from the Disaster Prepared Kitchen Cookbook - so it was SUPER CHEAP!

Here is Patsy opening her gifts.  Since I have two boys I have never had the pleasure of buying pink!  I love that she was so blessed with so many great gifts!  It made all of my work worth it!


I love you friend!


  1. Oh My Friend. Love everything you did, I was so happy and Blessed, love you too.

    1. You are sooo welcome! Looking forward to meeting baby Mia!